Quarterly Review is a simple way to check in with yourself - take ten minutes or a number of sessions. Look back over the last Quarter and review where you got to. Then look to the next Quarter and map out where you want to get to.


One quarter, about 91 days, 2184 hours; it’s a good chunk of time to make substantial progress on something. Use a Quarterly Review to check in with your direction and the process you’re using on the way. Four check-ins a year enables you to contrast, compare and adjust often enough to stay on course.

If you’re one for making bigger plans than the quarter - maybe you do an annual or a five yearly - then breaking it down in quarters gives you a timescale in which you can make more concrete plans.

If you already do weekly reviews, then a Quarterly helps focus on the bigger picture strategies that guide the weekly tactics.


1. Create Space

For a fresh perspective, it’s worth getting away if you can - even if it’s just to a café nearby.

2. Join the Quarterly mailing list

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3. Do the review

a. Looking back

Reflecting on the last 3 months. Where you’ve been - the events, experiences, milestones, values that were significant for you. How it was - what went well, what could have gone better and what you learnt.

b. Looking Forward

Envisioning the next 3 months. What you're aiming for - goals, habits, experiences. How you'll approach it and what you want more or less of.

c. Snapshot

Distill it all into a snapshot to see your quarter at a glance. A good reference point for the next check-in.

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